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tv   President and First Lady Pay Tribute to 2016 Kennedy Center Honorees  CSPAN  December 10, 2016 11:41pm-12:05am EST

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was lift up those families and celebrate the lives of the victims. i decided to attend each funeral. i met the families. i heard their stories. and through it all, i had the privilege to get to know nine amazing souls. after each funeral i would head home and sit down with my two kids. i would show them the faces on the programs. i would introduce them to the person i met that day. i introduced them toeth l lance who despite losing her daughter to cancer two years prior was a woman of love and joy who constantly sang her favorite song. "one day at a time, sweet jesus. that's all i ask of you. give me the strength to do do." day what i have to i introduced them to our youngest victim, a 26-year-old budding entrepreneur anxious to open his own barber shop who on
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that night stood in front of his 87-year-old aunt susie and said, you don't have to do this. we mean no harm to you. i introduced them to cynthia hern whose life motto was to be kinder than necessary. that is now my life motto. every opportunity have, i mentioned the nine we lost and the three survivors. the emmanuel 12. those 12 who took in someone that night who didn't look like them, didn't act like them, didn't sound like them. they didn't call the police. they didn't throw him out. instead, they pulled up a chair and they prayed with him for an our. i mention them because i don't want to be just the families that know their love and compassion and greatness of these amazing people. i want the whole world to know them as my children and i do.
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the second thing that needed to happen was removing the confederate flag from our state house grounds. there are many honorable, decent people in our state who revere that flag. they are not racist. they are the same people who twice elected an african-american american senator and twice elected an indian american governor. as i said with my intention to bring down the flag this was a debate that did not need to have winners and losers. those who revere the flag for reasons of ancestry and heritage retained every right to do so. ut what happened in charleston shed a different -- shed a different light on an issue our state long struggled with. we saw people of all races coming together. we didn't have riots. we had vigils. we didn't have violence. we had hugs.
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the state house belongs to all people. that was not possible with that flag. we came together in a way that allowed us to see each other in ways that don't always happen, with love, grace, and compassion. it's a love we learned from the emmanuel 12. the flag came down. and south carolina moved forward. i'd like to think that jack kemp would have been proud of that. and i guess you all have heard that i'm up for a different job now. it's an incredibly challenging time for our country. both here at home and internationally. but it's also an exciting time. we will have a new president. we will have opportunity to put our conservative principles into action. so when president-elect trump asked me to be his nominee as ambassador to the united
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nations, i was honored to accept. i'm not going to get into the details of our international challenges here tonight. i will say two things. first, jack kemp was a guiding light for us. not just in the areas of economic growth, empowerment, and civil rights. he was a guiding light in foreign affairs as well. with the passage of time it's easy to forget some of the battles that raged three decades ago, but we should all remember that secretary kemp was an outspoken critic of the racist government in south africa. that was often a lonely position inside the republican party. but he didn't shy away from it. history has proven him right. second, i will conclude my remarks tonight with the same sentence i started every speech with when i first ran for governor. as an unknown, 38-year-old candidate, more than seven
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years ago, i am the proud daughter of indian immigrants who reminded my brothers, my sister, and me every day how molested we were to live -- how blessed we were to live in this country. that declaration is just as important today as it was back then. i never tried to hide my background from my fellow south carolinians most of whom don't look like me. i used my parents' immigrant experience to promote what is truly unique about america. on this day the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor, it is more important than ever to always remember what unites americans not what divides us. it also said something about our future. no matter where i go, no matter what i do, those are the values i will proudly promote. i will never run from them. with god's grace and the senate confirmation, i hope --
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[laughter] -- yeah. i'm really nervous about that just so you know. i hope to represent our country well and do my part to keep america safe. and to keep our country the greatest beacon of freedom the world has ever known. thank you very much for honoring me today. may god bless you. [applause] >> how do you all feel? what an opportunity. what a wonderful message. thank you, governor haley for your work in south carolina. thank you, god, for providing
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leaders who care about the truth and the goodness that this country and this world can part of. we're grateful that you are here, governor haley, every year for the kemp leadership award we try to do something a little bit personal. when my father passed away in 2009, my siblings and i went through many of the wonderful awards that he had been given at dinners not unlike this. and there were some really nice things, but they weren't personal. so we try to come up with something every year. this year, i don't know if you can see this. governor haley has already seen it so i'm not holding it back from her. but this is a picture of my father, the iron lady margaret thatcher, prime minister of great britain, and the u.s. ambassador to the united ations jean kirkpatrick.
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there is an inscription on it that says, to jack kemp all good wishes margaret thatcher. the inscription on it reads the 2016 jack kemp award presented to governor nikki haley, december 7, 2016 from the kemp family private collection. mom, i'd like you to come up and thank everybody. >> governor haley, thank you so much. i hope you are passing the ton to a lieutenant governor -- is it? well, i was going to say i hope south carolina will continue to be with good leadership and obviously --. james kemp: he was my dad's campaign chairman in south carolina. there is a weird cycle. it's wonderful.
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mom, i think it's in good hands. ms. kemp: this photo of jean kirkpatrick and margaret thatcher and jack just is a signal that people of substance and common sense really do make a huge difference in this world. and you are one. and we sore grateful that you are going to be -- [applause] all right. you all can sit. we're almost done. i know it's late.
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the kemp foundation is really privileged to have paul ryan's chief of staff to give some marks.g re >> i am about to make my last point. now ks for those of us who worked for jack, that small group laughing right now, you know that meant you were in for 45 minutes of uninterrupted listening pleasure because jack's last point at least took 45 minutes. i'd like to go back to a dinner honoring jack in 1988. the speaker was president ronald reagan. and he said, what motivates jack is the cause. and, indeed, that is what jacque fought for. and that is what the foundation stands for. is the cause. in fact, the foundation really is the keeper of the cause.
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i'm very honored and privileged o work for speaker ryan. and i have a little fun because having worked for jack and having worked for paul i think there is nobody else in the country who can say that, i can watch the imprint of jack on paul as he does certain things and takes certain actions. i'm not sure he knows it. but i do. and the thing that was most important to paul when he became speaker is that he would leave the republican conference in developing an agenda, an agenda of ideas, an agenda for the country that the republicans could run on because he believes that ideas are the most important thing in politics. that remind you of anybody? i can't tell you of the number of times jack said that to me. but what he was able to do is with his republican colleagues develop an agenda and the corner stones of that agenda
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are growth, peace through strength, hope, and opportunity. that's the vision that underlies the agenda that we put together. and that agenda is one that's going to be taken by our republican members in our unified government, by the trump administration, and house republicans and democrats and we'll work on that agenda to make this country better, to provide opportunity, to provide growth, to provide jobs, to make us strong again. and it is the jobs of this foundation to really hold us to that promise. we have a duty and a responsibility to do these things for the country. but the conscience behind us, the conscience we need, is the jack kemp foundation, what they stand for, what you support,
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what jack stood for. that vision, that conscience is something we need on capitol hill. we'll need it in the administration. it is the purpose of this foundation to be one of the leaders in providing that conscience for the people. so, please. i want to thank you for all your help. thank you for coming tonight. i'd like to introduce bishop holloway for the benediction. [applause] >> we are at the close of another home run hit out of the park by the jack kemp foundation. an elegant evening, informative, good food, depreat music.
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with thought-provoking messages. thank you jimmy, joann, stacey, scott andrew, and all of the kemp family. and the jack kemp foundation team. to the honoree nikki haley, how could you not love her? she is so down to earth. and to all of you that are in attendance, we want to do a benediction as this. 1 john 4:18 says, there is no fear in love. but perfect love drives out fear. because fear has to do with punishment. the one who fears is not made perfect with love. 2 timothy 1:7 says, for god has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, power, and sound mind. so as we do the benediction, would you please stand to your feet, please?
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love is greater than hate. love will feed the hungry, love will house the poor, love will teach the uneducated, love builds, love unites, love is not hate. love is not prideful. love is not arrogant. love is peace not war. love is not rich nor is it poor. love is not black. neither is it white. so i say, let love be the policy. let love be the programs. let love be the representative. let love be congress. let love be the supreme court. let love be justice. let love be the president. s i speak the benediction over
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we the people as the bishop of the lord's church, as an apostle of the kingdom of god, may we love god, may we love ourselves, our families, our neighbors, abroad and at home. love is perfect when it has no fear. may god's love reign in your hearts as we leave this place. love will cause the blind to see. love will cause the lame to walk. love will cause the deaf to ar and love will cause the depth to please. i declare as a messenger of the lord jesus christ that the message we heard will be the lead and the guide to a greater america. the enemy cannot stop what god intends to do with us, through us, and for us. so as an apostle of the lord jesus christ i release you to
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be the agent of the servant of love. god bless you and have a wonderful, safe arrival back at home. amen. put your hands together as we celebrate and give god all the praise and all the glory for 2017! is about to do in [applause] america is great! >> often when you look at a project you look afterwards to see whether you've achieved your object ives and at what costs. and so i wanted to see through this last half century of military interventions,
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partisan politics aside, morality aside, what happens after the party is over? what are the after effects of war? what are the human and financial costs on both sides? >> sunday night on "q & a" media entrepreneur and travel writer brian gruber discusses his latest book "war, the after party a global walk about of a half century of u.s. military intervention" which chronicles his travel through countries involved by u.s.-involved conflicts. >> of course we all come with some form of bias but i went to all these places with an open mind. again, trying not so much to understand what a partisan point of view might be or be validated, but to look at was the mission accomplished and what were the
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costs on both sides of the gun barrel. a not cease fire ring new york city and american family. >> the resistance was a very serious one obviously. she had a husband and a 15-year-old son. this as ag to use place where the resistance could meet she was risking not only her life but her husband and her sons life's. >> at italian american anarchist and friend were tried, convicted, and executed for --bery in massachusetts d despite the lack of evidence. itroductions by jews rated -- justice ruth bader ginsburg.
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>> they were transferred to the death house. the governor, after reading the unanimous report declared that there had been a fair trial. the case was declared closed. announcer: then, a discussion on humanitarianr's efforts during world war ii. >> working voluntarily and a hero,pay he became the embodiment of a new force of benevolence and humanitarian aid programs. announcer: for a complete schedule, go to next, president and mrs. obama host a white house reception for the 2016 kennedy center honorees.
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then, honoring senator harry reid of nevada. later, a discussion on free speech and the incoming trump administration. first ladybama and michelle obama hosted a white house reception for the 2016 kennedy center honorees. they included pianist martha oakridge, actor open chino, singer james taylor, mavis staples, and the girls rock -- the eagles rock band. this is about 25 minutes. [indiscernible conversation] >> ladies and gentlemen, the 2016 kennedy center honorees. martha argerich. [applause]
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>> al pacino. [applause] >> mavis staples. [applause] >> james taylor. [applause] >> the eagles, don henley, timothy b smith, joe walsh, and
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representing her late husband glenn frey, ms. cindy fry. [applause] [laughter] [cheers] >> we love you! [laughter] ♪


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